Learn the Basics of Crypto

How to create a crypto wallet, buy ethereum, and purchase an NFT

Getting Started

The best way to learn about Web3 is to dive in. This page will teach you how to set up a wallet with MetaMask, how to buy Ethereum using your MetaMask wallet, and how to buy a non-fungible token (NFT) using MetaMask. If you’re new to the space, we recommend going through the funding process ASAP so your cryptocurrency clears well before March 15; some exchanges will delay access while they go through verification processes. In most cases, the more proof of identity you give to these exchanges, the faster your currency will be accessible to you. Further down there are some best practices about keeping your NFTs and Ethereum safe.

Remember that we will only ever interact with you through our official channels, and if you’re ever suspicious, reach out to us in Discord through our security & safety channel or report scam channel. You can also reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram, where our handle is @PartyHorses.

1. How to setup a MetaMask

In this video we teach you how to download MetaMask, one of the best crypto wallet options for buying NFTs.


2. How to buy Ethereum
(via MetaMask)

How to purchase Ethereum via MetaMask using Apple Pay, a debit card, or bank account.


3. How to buy a NFT
(via MetaMask)

How to purchase a NFT on Opensea with a MetaMask wallet.


Do a Test Run

Is your wallet funded and you’re ready to go? We have some commemorative Maker’s Mark bottles available for redemption (ages 21+) on the secondary market on OpenSea, the same exchange where Party Horses will also be eligible for listing, after March 15. Pro tips: When you’re browsing OpenSea, click on the individual pregame drink you’re interested in buying with Ethereum, and navigate down to the “properties”Within properties, look at the “Redeemed” trait, and see if it says “Yes” or “No”If the “Redeemed” trait says “No”, that means the pregame drink you have selected is eligible to be redeemed for bourbon (you still get to keep the NFT itself; bourbon is available only to Ages 21+, and according to local laws)Make sure you click the refresh metadata button before you purchase to confirm “Redeemed” trait.

Watch Out for Suspicious Activity

There are a few ways in which bad actors might try and solicit you fraudulently. Beware of the following (just to name a few of the more prominent avenues):DMs from an account that looks like Party Horses, or appear to imitate us. Sometimes these come in the form of a replicated account avatar with characters that are only one or two characters off from our official accounts, across social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Discord. They will solicit you with a link that sends you to a page asking you to connect your wallet, or with fields soliciting you for your personal information. Do not respond to them. Immediately screenshot these, and send them to us in our official Discord, then block the account that reached out to you. Spoofed websites might pop up and some of them will do a very elaborate job mirroring our actual site. If one of these sites asks you to connect a wallet or supply personal information, DO NOT DO IT. If you’re skeptical on whether something is official, reach out to us in our official Discord. If a member within our Discord engages you in conversation and takes it to DMs, be very cautious about links that represent other projects. Check with the official project owners and make sure the links match up completely, or if a project is being solicited to you, navigate to the official spaces on your own and engage through those avenues. Our Discord has an official “other projects” channel where people send links; also do your own vetting and validation, and if you find something suspicious, report it to us.

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